Rock Paper Scissors Toy Store
More Than Fun And Games!

About Us

Rock Paper Scissors was founded by two moms from Duxbury Massachusetts! We love to play with our children and it shows. We also truly value the challenge you face in selecting the right toy for your child. We opened Rock Paper Scissors because as moms of young children, we were constantly on the search for fun, educational and inspiring toys our children would want to play with and toys that would last! We are not going to mention any specifics here, but we all know how depressing it can be visiting those big box stores and trying to find quality toys. 

When you walk into Rock Paper scissors you will be welcomed by some familiar and comforting favorites, like Creativity for Kids, Alex Toys, Gund and Lego. But you will also be greeted by some unique specialty toys we have imported from Europe, like Haba, Hape, Moulin Roty, Sevi and Pkolino. We also search out toys from smaller, US companies that you won't find at the big box stores. We want you to walk in and feel like you have discovered a secret treasure for your child to learn, grow and play. 

In addition, we hope to become a community resource for parents. We offer social skills sessions, literacy sessions, lectures and special events. We also will have on hand special toys and tools to help children facing unique challenges, from ADHD, to anxiety, speech delays, OT issues, autism etc. Many of these toys and tools we researched, tested and sought approval from local specialists. Check out the Rock Paper Scissors Advisory Board. to see the group of local specialists lending us a hand.

We welcome your input and comments on what you want to see in our store. Give us a call at 781.452.7376 or visit our Contact Us page and send us a message.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us and we look forward to getting to know you. Have fun and go play.

Kim Panton