Favorite Toys

There are so many favorites it is hard to decide just what to highlight. Each month we will revisit this page and offer you our favorite picks for that month. 
Smart Bot, ages 5+ $49.99 by Play Visions - The Smart Bot Robot is one of the coolest remote control robots we have ever played with. It has 50 programmable mode actions and stands 10 inches tall. The Smart Bot features a hand mode that allows you to control it with different hand gestures. You can make it go forwards, backwards and even turn with your hands. Kids and adults alike are amazed with what this robot can do.
Loog Mini Guitar, ages 3+, $79.99, by Loog - The award winning, 3-string Loog Guitar and accompanying app allows a child to jump in and start playing songs — not scales or exercises — on day one. This guitar gives little rockers a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to keep playing. It’s fun, interactive, and kids love that they can play actual songs so quickly. The sound quality is also what separates this from the pack.
Zipes Speed Pipes Performance Pack, ages 5+, $59.99, by Neat-Oh! - This multi-award winning race track toy defies gravity. Zipes Speed Pipes is the first ever toy where racers speed through pipes instead of on tracks. The pipes can have a single loop, multiple loops, can be built flat or be built up walls. The cars are remote control and the pack comes with a strobe ball that flashes in brilliant colors so the track glows in the dark. This is a true winner combing building, racing, remote control action and glow in the dark features.
Below are a few other favorites. Our inventory truly does change from week to week and we encourage you to stop by and see all our finds for yourself. You will not be disappointed.