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Favorite Toys

There are so many favorites it is hard to decide just what to highlight. Each month we will revisit this page and offer you our favorite picks for that month. 
A great toy for little ones are Eeboo Lacing Cards. Great for the car, restaurant visits or in the home, we love these beautiful cards that your children learn how to lace with.

This Plan Toy Farm is really a work of art. Beautifully crafted it is a great toy for imaginary play. Come see for yourself how adorable the farm animals are, how cool the barn looks and the awesome horse stable and horses that can be added to it. 

How yummy do these cupcake bath bombs look? Almost good enough to eat. But they are meant for the tub... bringing bubbles galore and soothing water for soft smooth skin. 

Boogie Boards are a big hit at RPS. Great for doodling, homework, free play, practicing your ABC's are leaving notes for your little one. Come check them out at RPS. 

Looking for a toy to help with all that pent up energy your kids are dealing with during this cold weather? Get them a Bilibo chair. So MUCH fun. You can spin, sled, jump on and off and do so much more with this amazing toy. 

That's right, you are reading this correct! Spirograph is back and we have it at RPS. Come see the deluxe set and the travel set. Remember how much fun you had with this when you were little?